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As of April 2014 EAZA has 351 members in 45 countries. This includes 284 Full Members, 16 Temporary Members, 16 Candidates for Membership, and 35 Associate Members (including three reciprocal members, ALPZA, AZA and ISIS). In addition, EAZA has a number of Honorary Members and Corporate Members.

The map below shows the location of all Full, Associate and Temporary members of EAZA. Just click on a placemarker to find the name of the insitution and a link to its website. You can zoom and move the map on this page, or click the link below it to open a larger version in Google Maps. Visit the Member List page to find a full listing of EAZA members, along with links to the website of each.

 Full Member  Temporary Member  Associate Member  Temporary Associate Member  Candidate for Membership


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