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EAZA’s first conservation campaign, the Bushmeat Campaign, was launched in the year 2000. In the twelve years since, the campaigns have addressed a variety of issues affecting a range of species and habitats. EAZA's conservation campaigns have raised funds, promoted awareness and provided the impetus for key regulatory change.

Much has been achieved in twelve years of campaigning. EAZA members have made a real and tangible difference for the protection of biodiversity in many parts of the world. Some of the headlines and highlights are as follows:

  • More than €3.8 million raised for conservation projects around the world, with increased awareness of particular issues creating further fundraising opportunities;
  • More than 100 conservation projects have received grants from EAZA campaign funds – and grants are still being awarded by some of the campaigns;
  • New links have been established between EAZA and other conservation organisations, and between EAZA member institutions and individual conservation projects;
  • EAZA campaigns have been the catalyst for important regulatory change, in particular relating to the negative impacts of the bushmeat trade on apes;
  • Hundreds of millions of zoo and aqarium visitors have been exposed to messages about the importance of biodiversity conservation.

EAZA Pole to Pole Campaign 

For more information about the current Pole to Pole campaign please visit:

EAZA Conservation Funds

Money raised from the EAZA campaigns will be used for the establishment of EAZA Conservation Funds. Currently 3 conservation funds are active and supporting campaign-related projects in the field. EAZA is continously exploring ways for ongoing sources of money to keep the funds alive. 

Click on the links below to learn more about each EAZA Conservation Fund.

Campaign factsheets

Campaign factsheets about the previous campaigns have been produced and are avilable for download (see the links below). The factsheets will be updated from time to time. You can also find more information by visiting the individual campaign pages via the links in the above menu. 

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 EAZA Campaign Fact Sheets


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