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In the EAZA Strategy 2009-2012 (available from the Member Area - Committees - Council), the mission statement for the association is set out as follows:

The EAZA Strategy can be downloaded by EAZA Members from the EAZA Council page in the Member Area of the website"EAZA's mission is to facilitate co-operation within the European zoo and aquarium community with the aim of furthering its professional quality in keeping animals and presenting them for the education of the public, and of contributing to scientific research and to the conservation of global biodiversity. It will achieve these aims through stimulation, facilitation and co-ordination of the community's efforts in education, conservation and scientific research, through the enhancement of co-operation with all relevant organisations and through influencing relevant legislation within the EU."

In practice this mission statement is brought to life through the Collection Planning work done by EAZA's breeding programmes, as well as through our committees and working groups, all of which are actively engaged in a range of activities covering Conservation, Research, Education, Technical Assistance, Nutrition, and more. Explore this section to find out more about of these areas of activity.

EAZA Academy

Thanks to a generous donation from Fondation Segré the EAZA Academy has been expanded and now offers a wide range of courses aimed at all sectors of the zoo and aquarium community.

From keepers to curators, educators to horticulturalists, there are a range of applied, high quality courses available to support continual professional development of both EAZA members and non-members. To find out more about the EAZA Academy click here.

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